Creating the space for organizations to design how they want to work tomorrow


Wé is a work design studio improving current and future work practices in organizations. Wé develop integrated methods and environments for collaborative work.

Our participatory approach builds upon service & speculative design. Wé believe the most impactful and successful organizations are those that design how they work in order to reach their goals.

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Our projects span across the main elements of work design

Enabling Work
Processes & Methods

We design new work systems with our clients that allow them to achieve their goals. This may take the form of developing a new toolkit to embed design thinking methods in day-to-day work or developing principles and policies that inform the processes that make work more effective.


Designing Capacity-Building Programs

We help teams build their capacity, in order to embed innovative work methods. This may take the form of five-day workshops or longer embedded-design programs, where we work alongside the team to integrate and adapt new processes to their organisational needs.

Co-designing Collaborative Workspaces

We design with teams spaces to promote healthy collaboration and creativity through environments responsive to organizational goals; knowledge generation & transfer and design results. This feeds our dedicated research on the impact of physical space on collaboration.