Studio Wé is a future of work design studio based in New York & Montreal. We work with progressive organizations to create impactful and meaningful work environments.


How and where we work defines our lives and the impact we are able to achieve. This has led to a growing interest in the future of work, however, how this future will manifest for organizations across sectors is still to be defined.

That is why, as a studio, our purpose is to merge design research and practice to shape the possible futures of work with intention.

Our studio uses speculative, service & spatial design to interrogate how organizations can design the way they work, through people, place & process.


AMSN: Designing a collaborative care model for staff & patients in an emergency department


How do we redefine employee experiences to support individual growth while creating resilient organizations?


What are the new workspace models and will define our interactions and enhance our ability to collaborate?​


How should we leverage future technologies and new ways of working that that create functional but meaningful work.