strategy and design studio,
shaping the container in which innovative
work happens.

How Wé Think
A rapidly-evolving, social, physical and cultural landscape of collaborative environments is redefining contemporary workplaces.

We look at the interplay of these transformations to design liveable work futures.


What Wé Make
Processes, space, and tools are elements that designed together form new ways of working and better products and services.

To acquire mindsets and processes that support your creative organizational culture and goals.

To test where work is done and services are delivered, shaping it around your identity and user needs.

To purposefully collaborate on creating and managing your service and organization.

Challenges Wé Take On Together
We use collaborative methods to design your collaboration resources

AMSN: Designing a collaborative care model for staff & patients in an emergency department

We make work and commerical spaces, collaboratively and inclusively.

Work spaces are often created by architects working in a vacuum. Separating contributions from managers, designers, IT, and HR from the process, makes for dysfunctional environments.

We craft tools in physical and digital environments, to explore future ways of working.

Visualising spatial prototypes of your future tools help you make better decisions and provides clarity on what processes adopting to lead your organization, teams, and individuals.

We build and facilitate design innovation programs, across space and time boundaries.

Some 40% of workforces work remotely by 2020. While often work systems persist inflexibly, facilitation techniques moved on to allow networked and distributed organizations to co-design experiences and services, leveraging the use of space and tech.

How Wé Do It
We facilitate, research, prototype, activate and scale collaboration processes

We map how you currently work through observation and field research, to identify opportunities for change

We create models of new workspaces and tools, that we test in curated experiments where teams interact for a facilitated period of time

We recognize successful interaction patterns with tools and spaces and  amplify them into permanent ones within your organization