Service Design for Organizations is a three-day design thinking workshop that will teach you the mindset and ways of working needed to create innovative customer and employee experiences.

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Service Design For Organizations draws on industry and academic experience to teach a more practical, adaptable, and scalable form of service design to design better services.

A workshop built on the principles of experiential learning, it aims to bridge a gap between how service design is taught and how it is applied within the reality of complex organizations.


Service Design is able to measurably improve the value of organizations and their services, helping to generate memorable customer and service experiences. Introducing design into work environment implies changes that will present constraints and obstacles.


The program of the course is designed for young and seasoned professionals, keen to learn how to introduce Service Design practices in their workflows and to their teams or department.


The 3 day course delivers a more practical focus on organizational service design teaching a framework, participants will be able to use and introduce service design within their organizations. The course will also feature guest speakers from the industry that will share best practices, latest trends and focuses on cutting edge subjects.


Course Agenda

Over the three days, participants will be guided through a specially designed service design workflow that will bring them from challenge to tested service opportunity.

Day 1: Blueprint as a Framework

On day one you will get an introduction to service design for organizations and receive your first challenge case.

You will learn work with a current state service design blueprint and stakeholder map

Use the insights from the blueprint to develop a user research guide, and conduct user research.

Day 2: Research to Opportunities

Day two will learn to build a user research framework as you synthesize your findings into actionable and reusable insights and archetypes, and journey maps

We will then explore how to use these outputs as a framework to generate new grounded opportunities that connect research to action

Day 3: Storyboarding to Prototyping

Day three will teach you how to develop a new service through interactive storyboard scenarios

We will use service prototyping to bring opportunities you discovered to life and begin to iterate upon the service.

We will also introduce how these scenarios can be used to connect to agile processes through user stories. 

What you will learn:

// The service design process and mindset through the lens of an integrated framework made for organizations

// The principles & practices of user research, opportunity identification & generation & service prototyping by learning tools such as archetypes, customer journeys and storyboarding.

// How to organize, structure and scale a Service Design project, including creating and facilitating teams to perform at their best, and how to leverage digital tools

// How to manage and design your workspace and processes to enable collaboration and teamwork, essential to service design work


What you will receive:

// Hands-on experience and knowledge with a service design workflow, specially designed for the course.

// Recordings, materialstemplates and a specialized course booklet, that will allow you to bring the practices and leanings back to your organization.

// Service Design community resources that can help you continue your learning

// Ongoing support on the subject of embedding service design with access to a private Slack channel

Upcoming Courses:
Montreal, Quebec

Location and Dates
October 10-12 2018
District 3, 6th Floor, 1250 Rue Guy, Montréal, QC H3H 2L3

Early Bird tickets on Sale until October 5th
Students and Teams tickets of three or more people will receive a 20% discount.
Additional ticket details contact

In collaboration with District 3 Innovation Center

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Upcoming Courses:
New York City

Location and Dates, TBA
January  2018

Early Bird tickets on Sale until October First
Students and Teams tickets of three or more people will receive a 20% discount.
Additional ticket details contact


Course Facilitators

The course is led by Antonio Starnino and Antonio Iadarola, co-founders of Studio Wé and leaders of the Service Design short course program at Central Saint Martins in London, UK. It has also been offered to ministries of the Ontario Government and a number of private sector organizations and startups within Europe.

Our past institutional partners include:

Service Design x Org is facilitated by Studio Wé an experimental design practice based in New York & Montreal working with progressive organizations to shape their future of work.