Participatory Design of Klépierre’s Info Service

How might we co-design an Info Desk supporting of a new shopping center’s complex information system, by involving managers, operators and users, so to optimise workflows, comfort and customer support?

Caserta, Italy (2014)

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service analysis + co-design and production of an information desk

project management

Antonio Iadarola and Nicola Di Costanzo of studio Wè, Chiara Onida + AUT, Vincenzo Di Maria

Corio Klepierre

Mediterranean FabLab

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The project started with a three days consultation workshop for the analysis of the current information services of the shopping center.

The research phase had a full three days agenda of conversations between these three groups of stakeholders, users and a participatory design workshop with twenty design students from the near Second University of Naples to explore new technological possibilities. the information ecosystem, understanding how the different actors-

This included mapping out the stakeholders and staff of the centre, managers and executive of Klépierre - play their role in the creation of the content and the operations.


In the second phase we co-designed workshop with twenty design students for the physical touchpoints and ran a series of experiment to test their usability and integration in the work processes.

This led to the physical prototyping the structure of the Info Desk, working alongside the client’s technical team to adapt it to the requirement of the space. In the process we pitched back the idea to both users and staff to collect feedbacks and iterate our prototype.

We stewarded the management and the operators of the info point, as well as working on the production and installation of the artefacts with the help of a Fablab.



The interior of the desk was iterated multiple times to adapt to the evolution of the devices in use. As well as the exterior panels updated for wayfinding purposes. 

We were present and helped the first installation of the full-scale model to “live prototype” the interactions around the desk, monitoring the integration of the new touchpoints and processes for a piloting period after the installation of the final structure and devices.