In-house facilitation at ING Pace Fintech Accelerator

How might we shape an established methodology around the needs of a new design team in a dedicated acceleration environment for the design of new banking services? We were called by ING, a global financial institution pioneer in digital banking, to work in-house to apply Service Design on a new B2B2C financial platform to efficiently connect sellers with qualified regional agents.

May-June 2017, Frankfurt

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service facilitation of internal innovation team to design a new real estate service

service design facilitation

Antonio Iadarola


tools used 
Customer Journey Map
Expert Interviews
Narrative Interviews
Ideation brainstorming
Experience Prototyping
Value Proposition Canvas
Touchpoint Prototyping
A / B and Landing Page Test

Data Analysis
Concierge Testing
Practical Blueprint
Business Model Canvas

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The Pace methods applied needs to be perceived as “master keys” to tap into the creativity and expertise of the teams, and not requirements in the process.

We supported the visualisation and transfer of this knowledge by guiding the team to use the workshop spaces of the accelerator introducing simple practices like mapping data on the wall and stand up for collaborative sessions. This ensure that the accelerator doesn’t turn in an even closed silos. Content and information available to stakeholders and collaborators on the wall surface of the space contribute to a system of knowledge transfer to the wider organisation.


Cooperating and be a connection platform between sellers, buyers and agents, would allow us to offer a new service that benefit all the actors of the ecosystem.

How might we efficiently connect sellers with qualified regional agents?
We developed the concept of a matching platform that offers users a full-service approach through qualified agents, solving the agent’s pain of constantly finding new customers.

This model integrates tools and workflow that agents already use. We invited a number of them to cooperate with us and take part to the testing experiments, to validate our idea.


We created a landing page and Google Ads to test the same value propositions with sellers and buyers online. We measured the reactions against industry benchmarks and they were all positive, which gave us confidence in prototyping the actual service.

We set up a Concierge Experiment, offering the service “manually”, guiding users through the service experience of finding an agent and selling their property, while building a partnership with agents to develop and optimise our Service Blueprint. 

We collected 12 leads in the following two weeks by implementing an on-boarding process through ING customer service, and we sold one property during the testing phase. This allowed us to find internal resources to implement the pilot phase of the service through the official bank’s channels

Fully integrated in the bank offer. It is available at the link (in German):