MICA Market Visual Codesign Lab

MICA Visual Codesign Lab is a laboratory of participatory design to develop the visual identity of MICA Market, a project of urban rivitalisation promoted by Edoné, a center of youth aggregation in Bergamo, Italy. The first edition of the MICA market will take place in the park and venues that the council of Bergamo licensed to Edoné in the Redona neighbourhood. The market is designed to generate interactions between socially an culturally active groups within the community and centers its activities around music, entertainment, food, art and design; following a “slow” approach.
We were called to organise a lab that could deliver a visual identity through the engagment of farmers and traders involved in the market as well as citizens and young designers interested in the urban development of the area. Therefore we set ourself the research question: what is the identity of a community? can it be designed or it can only observed in existing phenomena?

Bergamo, June 2015

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MICA Visual Codesign Lab is a participatory design lab to develop the visual identity of the MICA Market

lab programming and facilitation

Antonio Iadarola, Sara Agostinelli, Martina Cesani , Piero Zagami

Spazio Giovani Edoné Bergamo

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To answer these questions we customised design thinking methods through which we will facilitate the lab and run parallely reflections on "who we are" already as active community in Bergamo and "who we want to be" as group of professional and non professional designers and stakeholders of the market initiative. From this double line of thinking we will extract guidelines and design directions for the creation of the new visual identity of MICA Market.
This approach makes the lab both a place where to learn participatory design and produce concrete outcomes for the future of MICA Market. We did a call for designers from all around Europe to assemble the design team of the lab. We look for young professionals in the fields of communication, human sciences, design, web development. The MICA Market Visual Codesign Lab will take place from 10 to 13 June 2016 in Bergamo, the call to participate is still open at this link.