Individuals, organisation and team aspires to make work purposeful and be prepared for the future

Our approach connects research on the Future of Work with your strategic goals, to implement new processes, spaces and tools that improve the way you work

We transform work environments, by redesigning spaces and processes, with people as drivers of change.


Small foundational modifications in the way individuals and teams work, set the stage for escalating change to the entire organisation and modify culture


Work inevitably happens in physical or digital environments. We intentionally co-design the qualities of these places and the interactions happening within them


Fulfilment and efficiency in creating and delivery value to our users, comes from collaborative processes fit to propose and shaped around the org. structure

We believe that by co-designing processes, spaces and tools, we can propagate positive change in any organisation and create the ideal conditions to deliver the best product-services.


Though codesign we leverage several design disciplines that help us in shaping work environments.


Understanding the experience of people in order to design services and activities that achieve better outcomes.

How: Trainings, capacity-building courses, embedded design facilitation & coaching, service design operations and toolkit design


Using design to trigger debate and critical reflection on the future, to better design for the present. 

How: Workshops, design sessions, speculative expos, back/future-casting


Mapping the use of the space to design work environments that are responsive to people's needs. 

How: Workspaces design, Live spatial prototypes, work activity mapping